The Power of GPS
Tucked away in the JustGoRide database there are literally hundreds of routes waiting to be ridden near you. All you have to do is use our tools to search your region and find a route that sparks your imagination.

The cycle routes on JustGoRide are available for download in the GPS Exchange Format better known as GPX. Files with the .gpx extension are to cycle routes as the .doc extension is to word processing. A GPX file is essentially a collection of track points consisting of latitude and longitude values that can accurately pinpoint a location on the earth to the nearest centimetre allowing reliable navigation both on and off road. An elevation value for each point also gives the distance in metres above sea level.

This information allows JustGoRide to generate a detailed preview of a route, showing you the track and elevation, distance and climb. All the data you need to visualise a route before you even leave the comfort of home. This ensures that you can plan ahead and make the very most out of your ride time.

The result is a powerful resource for navigating new and interesting places to ride with the confidence that you won’t get lost whilst at the same time limiting the chance of any unexpected surprises hindering your progress!

Generating GPX Files
GPX file are usually generated by GPS devices which use global positioning satellite technology to triangulate the position of a GPS receiver at a regular interval allowing for the track points to be recorded into a GPX file or similar route recording file format. GPS receiving devices are more common then you first may think. Most modern smart phones have built in GPS receivers so it’s not strictly necessary to have a dedicated cycling GPS such as a Garmin. These days it is becoming easier to track you own rides allowing you to record all of your favourite routes. JustGoRide provides you with the ability to store your routes online making it easier to organise and share your routes.

If you are planning to ride in a new location which you have not yet had the chance to record the GPX in advance, you may want to plan ahead using an online tool to generate a new GPX file to help navigate and plan a new route. JustGoRide has such a tool. The Route Creator allows you to plot out a new route using Google and Bing OS maps.

Downloading a GPX file
Once you have found a route that you want to ride, either in the JustGoRide database or after having created a new route via the Route Creator, you will need to download it. This will allow you to use it with a supporting GPS device to enable you to navigate your chosen ride.

There are two ways to download your chosen route, either direct to a supported Garmin GPS device which will enable you to benefit from a full navigation experience, or by downloading the GPX file itself for use with any other supporting GPS device.

Uploading a GPX file
What about if you already have a route? You can upload it to JGR and catalogue your route collection online in the JustGoRide database. Again you can either upload a route directly from a supported Garmin device, or from the original GPX file.