JustGoRide, a Free and Open Resource for Sharing Cycle Routes

The UK has some of the best bike riding in the world and the aim of JustGoRide is to help you discover some of the mountain bike trails and road bike routes that this reputation has been built on.


Modern GPS technology means that discovering new places to ride is easier than ever. The core of JustGoRide is based on mapping technology from Google and Bing to enable the output of GPS devices to be displayed in such a way that makes it easy to visualise and assess a potential cycle route or trail. This GPS device output, most commonly in the GPX route file format, can also be manipulated and pushed back into the devices - allowing for simple navigation.

So what does this mean for you? It means that by using the free resources and tools available on JustGoRide you can easily plan cycle routes to ride, plot new cycle routes, upload and share you favourite bike trail and let other riders know about your experiences whilst out on the bike trails and routes.

Search, Create and Ride.. Easy!

There are just three simple steps to making the most of this site...

Search for GPX Cycle Routes

With a growing database of user uploaded bike rides that span the length and breadth of the UK, you are just a few clicks away from finding some great cycle routes nearby.

The JustGoRide database is jam packed full of GPX cycle routes that are compatible with all of the major GPS devices from companies such as Garmin, SatMap, Memory Map and many others. You can even get apps for all of the modern smart phone platforms, such as the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, that support the GPX format and allow you to navigate the countryside!

You can search for routes in two different ways.

Firstly you can just search by Keyword and then filter your search by location and category. This is a fast and easy way of searching for GPX cycle routes which enables you to quickly find a route by name, location, or by keywords in the GPX route's description.

The second way is by using our Map Search which allows you to explore the globe looking for cycle routes. Just zoom in on an area and all of the available GPX routes will load into the map, providing you with all you need to find a great trail. What are you waiting for? Start searching for cycle routes right now!

UK Trail Centres

Trail Centres offer another dimension to bike riding in the UK. These man made dedicated waymarked cycle trails offer some fantastic hassle free mountain biking, and with centres all over the UK, you are sure to find one nearby. To help you out we have created a section of the site dedicated to Trail Centres. Discover more about these dedicated cycle trails.

Create your own GPX Cycle Route

If you can't find what you are looking for then why not forge your own path by plotting your own bike route? The JustGoRide GPX Route Creator tool uses interactive Ordnance Survey maps so that you can easily link up track points to create your own cycle route around the UK's bridleways and national trails. Once you have completed your new bike route, you can upload it to the site, either as a private GPX route or you can share it with the JustGoRide community and upload it to the GPX cycle routes database.

The JustGoRide GPX Route Creator tool is really easy to use so why not get creative and plot your own bike route now?

Already Got a Great GPX Cycle Route?

Do you already have a GPS recording of a great bike trail? If you do already have a cycle route in the form of a GPX route file that you would like to share, you can upload it to the site and add it to our extensive GPX cycle route database. This way other riders can follow in your tracks and discover great new bike routes.

The Rider Network

Inside your Rider Profile you can also add other riders to your rider network by following them. This allows you to see the cycle routes that your friends are riding. This makes it even easier to keep in touch with what's going on who is riding when. Arranging a bike ride has never been easier!

All of this for Free?

Yes, it is all free! Lets recap!

  • Free Access to the Extensive GPX Cycle Route database
  • Free GPX Route Creation Tool
  • Free Ride Logging
  • Free access to the Rider Network

Whats the catch then? There isn't one! The only thing that we ask in return is that you use the site, contribute and become part of the community!